Trombone Champ NSP, XCI ROM v1.26A [Latest Update] Download

Trombone Champ ROM

Download Trombone Champ NSP and XCI ROM with The latest update. This game is amazing and new storylines are available. Today we will discuss this game.

Trombone Champ NSP ROM | 867.90MB

New Update of Trombone Champ NSP ROM [v1.26A] | 267.61MB


This game Trombone Champ is the most interesting ever. In this game, you can get most entertainment elements. So we want to say that, please one time play this game. After playing this game you enjoy the gameplay. For most artists, the unpleasant reality is endless lessons in musical theory and technique, a sense of self-worth that strikes at times, and ongoing sensations of rejection that nag at other people’s views. Even if it’s a wonderful and fulfilling experience to be able to compose lovely music, the sad truth remains.

This game was developed and published by Holy Wow Studios in 2023 worldwide. Here is a bad thing about this game, this game is based on single played based. So you can not play this game with your friends. This game is available for many operating systems like Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Windows.

Trombone Champ NSP ROM

If you don’t have any kind of these operating systems, don’t worry we will provide an emulator. Where you can play this game easily. Players may change the trombone’s pitch by moving the mouse, and they can play by pressing the mouse button or the keyboard keys. Hitting notes as they slide across the screen gives players points, and maintaining consecutive combos earns extra points. Earn more points by filling a meter that, when filled, activates Champ Fever.

Gameplay of Trombone Champ

Here we discuss some knowledge about this game. After reading the blog, hope you earn some info about this game. If players hold a note for too long, they will also experience an unexpected lack of breath. Players receive in-game money called Toots after each song, along with a rank ranging from F to S based on their score. Trombone Cards are in-game trading cards that may be purchased using Toots.

Trombone Champ NSP Upadates ROM

They provide funny as well as fictional knowledge about trombones, performers, and game history. You can turn unwanted or duplicate cards into Turds, which you can use to buy new cards. There are non-playable individuals hidden throughout the game that help the player become the Trombone Champ himself. Here we also provide the Best Features and Download Links.


  • You can download the newest characters, trombone sounds, and more.
  • You can play the game because it supports a variety of control modes.
  • The local multiplayer option allows you to play with up to four players.
  • Every note is yours to compete at any moment freely.
  • You may perform more than 45 tunes using Trombone Champ.

Additional Information

ROM NameTrombone Champ
CategoryParty, Multiplayer
Developer & PublisherHoly Wow Studios
File FormatNSP, XCI
EmulatorNintendo Switch
LanguageEnglish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish
Firmware Requirments16.1.0
Supported DeviceTV, Tabletop, and Handheld Mode
Released DateSeptember 14, 2023
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