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Lil’ Guardsman ROM Download

Download the most recent version of Lil’ Guardsman NSP and XCI ROM by clicking this link. Play a variety of games on the Nintendo Switch emulator and console with comfort.

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Now on our site, you can get the latest version of this game. Wish to download this game? you are in the right place to get this game. As you can see, this game is based on various genres like Adventure, Puzzle, Role-Playing, and Strategy. A most interesting fact is Puzzle things with more fun. We already played this game, and we are very sure that if you play this game you never be bored.

Lil’ Guardsman ROM NSP

Enjoyably detailed pictures and dependably excellent voice work are used to build the large cast with love. Over a hundred people are scheduled to meet, according to publisher Versus Evil. And the opportunities for visitors of Sprawl appear limitless as Lil happily seals their fates. Meetings with a stoner magician and a reluctant pirate who speaks English are unique.

Also, you will be able to influence the setting of the game with a few simple choices, such as destroying. A whole area of the map or changing the type of alcohol you buy at the local bar. You are given a score between one and four stars. Based on the choice you made for each guest, after making your selection. You can nearly always choose the option that will get you the most stars, but it’s not always the “right” choice. Each shift begins with a “royal writ” from the advisors outlining the rules.

Lil’ Guardsman NSP ROM Update

You can either abide by them or slightly break from them for a more interesting result. At times, you will be required to express your thoughts or take actions that impact Sprawl or Lil’s private lives. Examples of these actions include accepting an invitation to a Goblin Liberation Army event. Deciding who would be a better fit for a planned political union.


  • Verify with the valid Chronometer 3000 to get a better score.
  • Make wise use of your hard-earned money by adding more tools to your guardsman’s kit.
  • Use your deduction skills to make judgments.
  • Request the ideal questions of more than 100 fully voiced characters.

Additional Information

ROM NameLil’ Guardsman
CategoryAdventure, Puzzle, Role-Playing, Strategy
Developer & PublisherVersus Evil
File FormatNSP, XCI
EmulatorNintendo Switch
LanguageEnglish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish
Firmware Requirments17.0.0
Supported DeviceTV, Tabletop, and Handheld Mode
Released DateJanuary 23, 2024
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